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Breast research from Donegal presented at 5th Cleveland Breast Cancer Summit

on Monday, 16 September 2019. Posted in Latest News, Conferences, Medical Research

Mr Michael Sugrue (Breast Surgeon) recently presented data from Letterkenny University Hospital at the 5th annual Cleveland Breast Cancer Summit where he outlined the excellent results that had been obtained in Letterkenny University Hospital. Mr Sugrue’s research results related to patients undergoing reoperation to complete their cancer clearance and identified that Letterkenny University Hospital has one of the lower incidences of re-excision in Europe.

The conference participants were pleased with a number of initiatives that had been undertaken at Letterkenny University Hospital and this now forms a new collaborative approach in breast margins and breast wound infection reduction strategies.

Mr Sugrue was delighted that there was such a positive response to the work that the Unit does. Recently Mr Sugrue and Mr Varzgalis have just obtained a new ultrasound machine and they would hope to develop some new technologies in the future that would allow Donegal patients to reap the rewards of very low re-excision rates.

In addition Mr Sugrue commented on a recent publication on breast outcomes in Advances of Breast Cancer Research by Stephanie Vincent. This was the first recent overview of strategies to reduce wound infection in breast cancer surgery.

Alison Johnston (Research Assistant) is currently working as funded by the community to develop a wound bundle with the staff in the hospital. This exciting development will then be shared with The Cleveland Clinic and will have global significance.

Cleveland Clinic Presentation August 2019