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9th Annual Multidisciplinary Research Symposium

on Wednesday, 04 December 2019. Posted in Latest News, Medical Research

The 9th Annual Multidisciplinary Research Symposium, held on 15th of November, was a great success, building on previous symposia in Letterkenny University Hospital. The winner of the Gold medal for the medical student’s category went to Eoin Donnellan who carried out A meta-analysis of the use of the intraoperative cholangiography. Eoin also presented his meta-analysis at the 48th World Congress of Surgery in Krakow, Poland in August 2019.

Eoin WCS 2019

Maha Rahmani and Wee Xuan Neo also presented their outstanding research. Maha’s study looked at the value of clinical core biopsies in triple assessment breast clinics and Wee Xuan presented an historical evaluation of Charcot’s Triad.

Maha 2019          Wee Xuan 2019 LUH Research Day