Donegal Surgery Summit 2017

Oct 28, 2017 | Conferences, Education, Latest News

Donegal Surgery Summit sets new benchmark for standards in Emergency Surgery Care

Donegal-Surgery-Summit-2017-DCRAMr Michael Sugrue Surgeon and representative of the Donegal Clinical Research Academy’s organising committee for Summit held in 2016 was delighted that the proceeding for the World Summit on Resourcing Optimal Emergency Surgery Care were published in the World Journal of Emergency Surgery this week (Read more here)

In 2016 Surgical Leaders from 17 countries came to Donegal to set a template for improving the delivery of Emergency Surgery care. The Summit, held in Lough Eske Castle, was organised by Donegal Clinical Research Academy and Letterkenny University Hospital.
Mr Sugrue said that this was the first ever such meeting to be held on the topic in the world. He said it now lays a foundation for by which countries can plan the future of Emergency Surgery care and engage with key organisations and leaders.

Mr Ken Mealy, Vice-President of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons in Ireland, said the Summit really enhanced work already underway in improving care, particularly by the College of Surgeons in Ireland and the Acute Surgery Program.

The meeting involved 1 year of preparation producing consensus statements regarding Emergency Surgery care in key areas; and assessing the feasibility of producing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that could be used to monitor process and outcome of care in the future.

Dr Fausto Catena, ex president of World Society of Emergency Surgery from Parma in Italy, said the Congress was a first in surgery, and hopefully a step in many to improve the outcomes of those following Emergency Surgical presentation.

Professor Malbrain, from Antwerp Belgium, felt bringing different disciplines together from around the world was a major factor in the Summit’s success.

44 key opinion leaders in Emergency Surgery, across 7 disciplines from 17 countries, composed evidence based position papers on 14 key areas of Emergency Surgery and 112 KPIs in 20 acute conditions or Emergency Systems.

Mr Sugrue was grateful to many world and national organisations that supported the meeting which he said was successful in achieving position papers and performance indicators in Emergency Surgery. It sets a foundation for the future advancement of Emergency Surgery.

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Full book HERE
Sugrue M, Maier R (Eds.) (2016) Emergency Surgery Performance, Quality and Outcome Consensus Summit-Resource for optimal care of emergency surgery. Donegal, Ireland: DCRA & WSES. ISBN: 978-0-9926109-9-9

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