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Breast cancer outcomes in primary relatives

on Monday, 14 August 2017. Posted in Latest News, Medical Research

Cancer outcomes in primary relatives

Breast Centre North West at Letterkenny University Hospital has recently published the results of original research targeting breast cancer outcomes in primary relatives, that is mothers, sisters and daughters, of those with breast cancer. Alison Johnston, Research Co-ordinator at the Breast Unit -funded by community donations from the North West, was pleased with the publication of the article in Molecular Genetics and Genomic Medicine in May 2017. She said the research identified that 30% of primary relatives in the moderate risk group were not initially enrolled in guideline driven breast screening but were consequently led to an education path and enrolled into mammography screening. This has ensured that women at higher risk of developing breast cancer will be exposed to optimal screening programmes.
Ms Johnston said the current Breast Check programme provides an excellent opportunity for women between the ages of 50 and 64 and is currently being expanded to meet the needs just beyond that age group. Ms Johnston said that other women need a more tailored, personalised approach to breast screening and this is what this project is all about. This project has led to earlier detection in breast cancer in a number of patients on the basis of the work already done.
The Breast Unit at Letterkenny University Hospital is keen to ensure that those of moderate to high risk, between the ages of 40 and 50, in lieu of family history have the opportunity for a family doctor consultation, potential access to mammography and review in lieu of their family history at the Breast Centre or another Breast Unit in Ireland. Ms Johnston identified that early detection of breast cancer offers the best outcome for survival in what is a very positive outlook disease generally.
This work has been funded through very generous donations from the community in the North West and Annual Charity Breast Ball. It follows on from previous work identifying the opportunity to improve breast screening for those at higher risk; previously published from the Unit in Advances in Breast Cancer Research in 2015.
Please click here for link to the paper